MarinduQuezon: Tayabas@400xMarinduque@100

MarinduQuezon: EdM01 QECI 400 heritage icons from Quezon since Unisan to Tayabas and Lucena


By the year 2021, the archipelago is going to commemorate 500 years of the Battle of Mactan and Christian inculturation. Incidentally the event is preceded by the quadricentennial of the Tayabas town amidst the myriad of interruptions brought about by the pandemic. To move forward the said occasion, Marinduque’s capital town is also gearing towards its 400th foundation by 2022 since the establishment of the visita Monserrat de Marinduque in 1622. Before the present day capital city of Lucena, the centre of commerce and civilisation of Quezon is Tayabas. After the succeeding Spanish expeditions to Luzon, the cultural center and cradle of the province could be traced to the coastal town of Unisan.


EdM01: Basic Foreign Language in Nihongo/ Nippongo or Japanese Language and Culture involves the study the Hiragana alphabet with a chart with three tables: sound of 50, turbid and murky sounds along with ya row and i-column combination. The first set of deliverables are 10 practice writing sheets based on table 1: gojuon or sound of 50.Then the next set of deliverables would be the gojuon flash cards to based on the group assignment on iconic heritage icons in the specific upload and lowland towns of Marinduque. Finally the last set of deliverables is pecha kucha style of presentation with 20 seconds per each slide with a total of 20. The pecha kucha slides would also be consistent with the assigned heritage items from the respective towns.


The class size of the current semester is almost 50 with majority of the learners are from the MAEd program with some EdD learners. Since the mode of delivery is flexible and remote, the learners were divided into four. The EdD learners drew lots who would take on what particular district among the four districts in Quezon. They obliged with the scheme and decided to fill-up at least three forms based on the philippine registry of cultural properties per district. The precup form no.1 concerns tangible immovable properties or built heritage, precup form no. 2 is about tangible movable heritage and the last, precup form no. 3 involves intangible cultural heritage.


In the end, despite everything about Covid19, there is still a persisting and enduring hope that everything shall pass. Hopefully, the outcomes would be a testament of diversity, creativity and inclusivity of heritage, culture and arts in Marinduque of for the next century.


With the 400 iconic heritage items of Quezon, it would be a best present and most positive outcome of the pandemic during the next 100 years. Just like Lucena and Unisan, Tayabas then and Quezon now, local heritage would endure and persist until we traverse to the better normal.


Dr. Randi Nobureza Sensei

EdM01: Basic Foreign Language (Nihongo/Nippongo)

1st semester 2020-21/ Quezonian Educational College Inc.